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SunsEveryone has drama.  There’s family drama, work drama, and community drama.  In a tough economy, the drama seems to get worse.  Tempers flare, and people forget their manners.

In frustration, we call each other out, by name, in mass emails and blog posts.  We feel offended, and rise to the fight in an effort to defend our cause and ourselves.

Eventually, we come to a time when we say, “I’m not gonna play anymore.”  We ignore the baiting and the rabble-rousing, and surrender to peace.  For a while, we feel better.

Then it happens.  Someone does something that we just have to address.  We blur the lines between taking a courageous stand and participating in the kindergarten.  And we’re right back where we started, embroiled in drama.

Why does this happen?

I can sum it up it one word: fire.

That’s right, fire.

In metaphysics, fire is the element of passion, anger, sexuality, spirituality, chi life force, and creativity.  In tarot, it is usually associated with the suit of Wands.

Fire creates drama because we are passionate about the areas of our lives where drama occurs.  Simply, we care about what happens.  That’s not a bad thing.

But then, another aspect of fire kicks in – anger.  Sometimes anger is a needed motivator for positive change.  In the case of personal and community drama, it mostly just gets in the way.

If we can fuel our fires with creativity in problem-solving, instead of anger, we have discourse instead of drama.

When we don’t have enough fire energy in our lives, boredom sets in.  That’s when we start Googling the names of our adversaries, idly looking for bones to pick.  That’s when we stir the pot.

Fire can heat your home, or burn it down.

The same is true within a community.

To build a life without drama, we need to consciously nurture the fire energy in constructive ways.  Too little fire, and boredom will feed the drama.  Too much, and anger will do the same thing.