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Cactus FlowerDo psychic people (either professional or not) sometimes fall victim to dishonesty, just as those who are less tuned in?

Do we find ourselves uttering the Homer Simpson “Do’h,” and wishing we had listened better to the little voice of intuition in the back of our minds, just like everyone else?

Of course we do.

I know a few psychics who declined trips on planes that later crashed.  I have dodged various bullets throughout my life, bragging, “A good psychic can do that.”

The voice of Spirit directs my life, although some might say it’s the voice of delusion.  I suppose sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

We work hard to hone our intuition, and then we often ignore it when we don’t like what it has to say.

Sometimes, ignoring intuition is disastrous.

Sometimes, though, we need to walk into the lion’s den in spite of the risks, or, in some cases, because of them.  There are times we need to decide, consciously, to override the warning signals.

Then, our intuition can help us prepare for the disaster we chose not to avoid.

It is my nature to see the best in people – all people.  My immediate go-to is compassion, even for those who have obviously caused their own sorry state of affairs. 

What’s harder for me is to have compassion for those I perceive have betrayed my trust, especially when my intuition told me not to trust them in the first place. 

All difficulties give the opportunity to learn.  In an amazing display of universal synchronicity, similar situations have presented in different areas of my life, all at the same time.  It would be unwise to think that the universe did not have a specific lesson for me.

As things continue to unfold, one thing seems clear.  The more positive I remain, the more positive the outcomes are.  If I give in to fear, anger, frustration or anxiety, I give the Universe less room to work on my behalf, and I limit my ability to see my own best outcome.

I don’t believe in the Christian Devil.  But there is a Devil card in tarot, Major Arcana 15.  Often, the Devil in tarot indicates the things to which we enslave ourselves.  For some of us, fear, anger and anxiety are our biggest devils.

So what can I learn from those who have been unworthy of my trust?

Again, the answer is compassion.  There is a great paradigm for compassion in Christianity, even though it is not always practiced by adherents of the religion.  The idea is clearly expressed in the simple quote, “Love thine enemy.”  It’s not always easy to do, certainly.  But it is the right thing to do, always.

From that love springs great opportunities for personal healing.  There is also a fine payoff when we are able to “kill them with kindness.”

Forgiveness is an important part of compassion.  Even if someone is no longer worthy of my trust, everyone is worthy of forgiveness.

Another lesson is more personal.  It’s about my responsibility to be clear about my boundaries.  We all need to set and maintain proper boundaries.  If someone crosses our boundaries, it is because we let them.  The onus is on me for not setting or keeping the right boundaries.

Finally, sometimes we need to deal with difficult people because we need the lesson of that experience.  Sometimes those difficulties lead us to the very best outcomes.  Wonderful gifts come from dark times.  If, in our finely tuned intuitive wisdom we choose to avoid every potential difficulty, we may deny ourselves the very best life has to offer.