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We in metaphysics often talk about what “resonates as truth” for us.  In a psychic reading, both reader and client will feel truth resonate within them. 

Healers look for what resonates to discover the deeper causes of dis-ease, as well as the proper steps to wellness.

In traditional psychotherapy, therapists work to find what is true for a client.  In order for the client to heal, the client must accept a particular truth, and internalize it.  They many not use the term “resonance,” but may use a similar term, such as “ring true”.

It is very hard for any healing, growth or positive change to happen if the person in need of healing does not find truth in the diagnoses, root causes or treatment.

In one of the Gospel stories, Jesus must learn a demon’s name before he can have power over it, and cast it out.  Often healing is like this – if we know what our “demon” is, it is easier to cast it out and let it go.

There is something about human nature that makes this extremely difficult.  Many times, for some unfathomable reason, we stubbornly deny the truth that is obvious to everyone around us.  We refuse to let truth resonate within us.  We resist the opportunity to heal.

Clearly, this is part of normal human experience.  It’s a stereotype, like the alcoholic who refuses to admit that drinking is the reason they lost their job.  Consider the woman who can’t believe her childhood issues with her father cause her continued romantic problems, or the widow who has suffered mysterious health issues since the death of her husband, but refuses to see a connection between her health issues and her loss.  What about the guy who lost his wealth in the economic meltdown, but won’t let go of the luxuries he can no longer afford?

Why do we vehemently refuse the obvious truth, when that truth is the key to our healing?

It seems there is, within us, something that wants us to fail, to suffer, and to stay enslaved to our dysfunction.  

Perhaps we fear truth because we know, in order to heal, we will need to experience pain that is just too raw.  Perhaps we know, subconsciously, that if we accept certain truths we will be forced to make difficult changes.

Perhaps the only difference between successful people and those who continuously suffer is the ability grasp unwelcome truths.

Amongst spiritual people, it is easy to deny the truth by simply saying “no, that just doesn’t resonate for me.”   

This may be a reason that the Swords cards in tarot are always the most gruesomely illustrated, and often the most difficult to receive in a reading.  The suit of Swords represents the element of Air, the element of clarity and truth.  The truth hurts, and so we often do a very convincing, nimble mental dance to avoid it.  Often, the smarter we are, the more swiftly we deny, minimize and refuse truth.

But here’s a truth that should resonate within each of us.  Unless we face our deepest truths with unflinching courage and honesty, we will always be a slave to the pain they cause, and the barriers they create.

Those who love us often see the truths we fight hardest to deny. 

We all have blind spots, no matter how self-reflective and dedicated to healing we are.  It is a blessing our friends love us anyway.

Here is an affirmation and prayer to help us see our blind spots, and to hear the truths we most need to embrace.

“I am willing to see and embrace the truth about what hurts me, and what holds me back.  I am willing to make changes, no matter how difficult they may be.  I call on my Higher Power to support me in this.  I release all barriers, and all attachments.  I embrace what is, in an effort to create what will be.  I am grateful for this opportunity to heal and grow.”