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A tarot readerThere is a strange dichotomy in my professional field. There are many extremely talented and knowledgeable body workers, Yoga teachers, tarot readers and other healers who simply lack confidence in themselves. It shocks me when talented people don’t see their own abilities, but it happens all the time. These people have the skill and the desire to make a difference in people’s lives, but they are afraid they are not good enough.

On the other side of the coin, there are people who confidently market themselves as healers, readers and teachers but lack the actual skill, training or talent to do so credibly.  Truly, there are some people who think that anyone with a deck of cards can be a professional tarot reader! The sad thing is, with a little practice, patience and study many of these professionals could be phenomenal. I am not sure why these sorts of professionals eschew the actual work they need to achieve real excellence, but they do.

Within our community of healers we have those who have studied for years, have a great deal of natural talent and a desire to work in the field. All they lack is belief in their abilities. Sadly, when they do get the gumption to start their practices they often fail because potential clients can feel their lack of confidence. Frankly, who wants a healer who has no confidence in their abilities?

Also within our community we have folks who are called to healing work but have circumvented the process of training, learning and practice. These folks have plenty of confidence, but don’t realize aren’t ready to present themselves as professionals. They often struggle in business because they fail to achieve consistent results.

So some people don’t hang their shingle when they should, others hang their shingle too soon.  The question is this. How in the world do we know when we are ready to transform an interest or a hobby into a career?  At what point are we highly qualified?

Within many modalities there are licensure procedures or certification processes to which we can submit ourselves. This is no guarantee of excellence, but it is a help. That a person is willing to study, or to be reviewed by peers, says something about that person’s professional commitment.

For many, the sign that you are ready to go pro is demand.  You generate that demand by freely offering services in order to gain experience. If you are really good, people will start requesting services and will offer to pay, even when you don’t ask for payment. When this happens, the transition from personal interest to profession is natural and organic.

Another clear sign you are on the right path is that you receive plenty of referrals. Word of mouth is the best advertising, and it is the only advertising you can’t buy.  That people trust you to take care of their friends and family is proof of your excellence, and a legitimate boost to your confidence.

A clear sign of commitment to professional excellence is a commitment to continuing education. True professionals never feel they know it all. True professionals are committed to constant study, and constant improvement.

A healer of any modality should have confidence in their abilities if and when the following events occur.

  1. Much like a religious leader, a healer should feel spiritually called to his or her path.
  2. A healer should feel excited to study and learn his or her modality.
  3. A healer should be excited to practice on friends and family.
  4. That practice should generate results, requests and referrals.
  5. A healer should never lose enthusiasm for learning.

Healers, if you experience these five things, you are more than ready for your professional path.  If you have yet to experience them, don’t be discouraged.  Simply acknowledge you are still developing your basic skills, and redouble your efforts to do so.

Now, more than ever, the world needs healers of all modalities. Let neither lack of confidence nor lack of study hold you back.