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I have always been fascinated with mushrooms. I love their temporal nature, their beauty and their variety. I love the different ways they can interact with humans. Some mushrooms feed us. Some are psychoactive. Some are poisonous.

One of my favorite fun facts about mushrooms is this. Have you ever noticed that mushrooms often appear in a group, or a circle? That’s because the mushrooms we see are not the whole of the actual mushroom. It’s sort of a “tip of the iceberg” situation. The actual mushroom exists underground, and is the size of the entire circle of mushrooms that we can see above ground. We never see the largest part of the mushroom; we only see the smaller parts that raise their heads above ground. The circle of mushrooms is not made up of individual mushrooms. All those mushrooms are actually the visible part of the same large fungus.

So what does this have to do with tarot reading?

In a reading, we often find several different issues popping up at the same time. These issues seem to be individual problems. But, if we look deeply at what is beneath the surface, often we discover that what lies beneath is one major issue, or one root cause.

Sometimes that root cause is obvious. Perhaps we lack closure from past grief. Perhaps insecurity is an issue. Other times it can take a while to figure out what the root cause is. Tarot can be very helpful in revealing the one key that will make a difference in every area of life.

It is easy to ask questions and pull cards to gain insight. Questions such as “How do these issues relate to each other?” and “What is the root cause of all these problems?” can give a great deal of insight.

You can give readings by dividing the cards into piles and turning over the top cards. Then, you can ask “What is beneath it all?” and look at the bottom card of each pile.

A great tarot reading can be a quick and effective way to get to the bottom of difficult issues and initiate healing and positive change. Once you are clear on what the root cause of the problems is, you can find direction for healing by simply asking “What can we do about this?” or “What steps do we need to take for healing?” The cards that come up will offer positive steps that will help remove the underlying obstacles.

In this way, tarot can help us understand the reasons things are going wrong in multiple arenas, and find solutions that can often be enacted in a few simple-but-profound steps.