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Here is this week’s Tarot Translation Group entry. To see the other entries, check out the Jupiter Frequency. If you would like to play along, join our group on Facebook.

This week’s question is a simple one.

What does September bring for us?

The cards: (Note: this is a three card spread, no specific meanings attached to any of the positions. Cards are listed from left to right.)

Card#1 Knight of Pentacles
Card #2 Three of Rods Reversed
Card #3 Knight of Cups Reversed

Sometimes tarot is so unbelievably simple and to the point that it makes me laugh.

Traditionally, September is a time to “get back to work.” The summer holidays are over. We were trained as children that we play in the summer, and in September we buckle down and go back to school. As adults, we continue to follow the same pattern.

These cards clearly reflect the “get back to work” energy. The only upright card is the Knight of Pentacles. He reflects the energy of pursuing work and money, and focusing on practical matters.

The Three of Rods reversed reminds us not to expect immediate success. This is only the beginning of our dedication to hard work. Success comes further on down the road.

The Knight of Cups reminds us that now is not a time of frivolity, or even a time of romance or emotion.

The bottom line is this. Get back to work, everyone! Refocus on your projects, your job, your career and your duties. That is the energy that September supports, so let’s use it to get some stuff accomplished!