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Tarot Translation Group September 23-29

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Question: What is your significator, and why?

I am the Queen of Wands.

By age, gender and astrology I am actually the Queen of Cups. And, truthfully, I am a spot-on Queen of Cups too. I am sensitive, intuitive, sometimes shy, and very emotional, just as a true Queen of Cups should be.

Many years ago, when I first began reading tarot professionally, I realized that, while the compassion and the intuition of the Queen of Cups were helpful to me as a reader, the over-emotionalism and shyness were not.

My rising sign is Leo. The Queen of Wands is bolder than the Queen of Cups, although still warm and intuitive. As a professional tarot reader, I quickly claimed the Queen of Wands as my significator, to empower me in my tarot practice.

It worked. And, since I am a proud ginger, and the Queen of Wands is often pictured as a ginger, that works for me too!