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This is my favorite question to ask in a reading. It is great to have a list of questions prepared, but it is also wise to be open to the answers to questions you hadn’t thought to ask.

When you ask this question, you allow your guides, angels and Higher Power to work with the reader to give you the information that you need to hear.

Often, this is a great way to begin a reading. It can also be a nice way to end the reading by asking for a final piece of wisdom from the Universe.

In a gallery setting, I offer this question as a way to recieve a reading if you are not sure what you want to ask.

As a tarot reader, the way to perform this technique is to simply ask the question and pull however many cards seem right, generally one, two or three. Let the cards give you the answer, and open yourself to be a true channel of universal wisdom.

The next time you are giving or receiving a reading, remember to ask this important question:

What does the Universe want me to know?