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In general, we tarot readers are pretty laid back folk. We are happy to accommodate our clients in any way possible. But, if you would like to have a really remarkable experience with your reader, consider these nine points.


  1. Don’t lie to your tarot reader. Yes, most of the time we will figure it out anyway. Yes, we understand this is your way of testing us. But I promise I will be honest with you. I would appreciate the same from you.


  1. If you are only able to do a short session, that’s fine. I will do my best to fit everything you need to know in fifteen minutes. But don’t spend the first ten minutes talking about the weather, or giving me more details than I need. Let’s get to work right away.


  1. If anything I said seems unclear, or if you didn’t get an important question answered, by all means ask. It is my job to give you the information you need.


  1. Don’t wait until the last two minutes of the reading to ask your most important heart-wrenching questions – let me know early on if there is something really bothering you so we have plenty of time to deal with it.


  1. I cannot answer for other readers you may have recently seen. I have no idea why Madame Zelda told you the ex-boyfriend who cheated on you is your soul mate.


  1. If I have a question about something I see going on in your life, please answer it. I am trying to give you the best information possible. Choose to be part of the process.


  1. Pay attention. You can spend our time together fiddling with your cellphone if you want to. But if you and I are both distracted by your fingernails, your television, your dog or your kids I can assure you that you will get less from the reading than if you are able to stay present.


  1. My only agenda is to offer insight, perspective, healing and entertainment. Do not insult my integrity by suggesting I am in some way trying to trick you.


  1. If I am coming to give readings in your home, please consider my comfort. I appreciate it when you try to create a mystical atmosphere; however I need light to see the cards. I don’t want to spend all evening sitting on your floor or stuck in your unheated/uncooled laundry room. And, your scented candles irritate my throat, making it hard for me to talk.


A reading or party with a great tarot reader can be one of the most interesting, insightful, helpful and fun things you can do.

I think I speak for my community of great tarot professionals when I say that we appreciate your business and the trust you place in us. It truly is an honor to read for you.

If you keep these simple things in mind you will make sure that we have a sensational time together and that you get the best reading ever, which is exactly what we want to give you.