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Are you stuck trying to choose a perfect gift for someone special? Let tarot be your guide!

Simply think of the person and pull a card at random.

There are a number of ways to interpret the card to find the right gift.

Does looking at the card image give you a clue? Are the characters in the card holding something or doing something that makes you think of a gift? For instance, the High Priestess is holding a book; could a book be the right gift?

Does the card say anything to you intuitively? Does it make you think of something, or remind you of something?

What are the keywords for this card? Are there any keywords that suggest a gift? For instance, a keyword for the Magician is “tools.” Might your recipient enjoy some sort of craft tools, garden tools or kitchen tools?

The elemental association of the card might give you a clue as well.

Air cards might suggest books, lessons, writing implements or gifts of technology.

Fire cards might suggest toys, crafts, sporting goods or games.

Water cards might suggest romantic gifts, wineglasses, bath gifts or alcoholic gifts.

Earth cards might suggest food gifts, gifts of money or gift cards or supplies for home or garden.

Don’t stress out this holiday season! Let the tarot help you with your shopping!