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Last week I was a guest on an internet TV show. This week I will be launching my own internet TV show. It’s funny how things like that happen.
I certainly have some broadcast experience. I have been the Resident Psychic of many broadcast radio shows. I was even a morning show co-host on three different FM stations.

I’ve done reading on network television and been featured on Fox News and Inside Edition.

I’ve been on other internet TV and radio shows, too.

This is the first time that I have ever had my own show.

The network that is featuring me is PEN, the Paraencounters Network. Watching the shows there is as easy as browsing to the website. You can even participate in the chat room. Try that with you broadcast TV!

My show, “Christiana’s Psychic Café,” will be a lively show with a variety of segments. I will have short guest segments, and segments like “Tarot Talk,” “Meditation Moment” and “Magick and Mayhem.”

I will invite viewers to chat in, call in and Skype in to participate in our discussions. I will also be doing a few psychic readings for viewers who call in each week.

The hour-long show will air live every Sunday at 9 pm EST. It will be available worldwide at that time, and then will be archived and available on YouTube.

This Sunday, December 23 will be our first show. We will have a musical guest, Robin Renee, who will play her “Yule Song,” a parody of Adam Sandler’s “Hanukah Song.”

We’ll talk about holiday traditions, and about the world that didn’t end. In our Tarot Talk segment we’ll talk about wonderful tarot decks that contain a single irritating card. And of course I’ll be taking your calls and reading for you!

Please don’t miss the debut of this show, and please do call in to join the discussion!

There will always be a seat for you at Christiana’s Psychic Café!