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Tarot is a great tool 365 days a year. As we begin a new calendar year there are some specific ways tarot can enhance your journey.

  1. Predictions

Everyone loves to make predictions for a new year. There are many ways to use tarot to do this. You might pull just one card, asking “What will be the theme of 2013 for me? You might do a twelve-card spread; one card to give information about each month. You might do an eight-card spread to make a prediction for each turn of the Wheel of the Year. You could also dialogue with the cards by asking specific questions about 2013 and pulling cards to reveal your answers.

Write down your predictions so you can check back and see how accurate they were!

  1. Resolutions

We all enjoy making resolutions each year, although often we don’t keep them. Why not use tarot to assist you in your resolution process? Resolutions are generally of two varieties – what we are going to get rid of or not do anymore and what will we start doing. It’s easy to ask the cards “What in my life no longer serves me?” to give you an idea of what you might be ready to let go this year. Then you can ask the cards “What should I focus on doing this year?” and pull a card or two to give you some direction. Finally you can ask the cards “What will help me keep my resolutions this year?” Pull a few cards to see what advice tarot can offer.

  1. Manifestation

This is a great time for tarot magick. What do you want to see happen in 2013? Look through your deck and select cards that represent the things you want to manifest this year. For instance, if you want to buy a house choose the Ten of Pentacles, the “castle card.” If you want a great new job choose the Three of Pentacles. If you want a new love relationship choose the Two of Cups. If you want to get pregnant choose the Empress.

Take the cards you have chosen and meditate with them, focusing on manifesting their energies in your life in 2013.


You might also use this time to think about your relationship with tarot in the coming year. I asked the question “How will I grow in my work with tarot in 2013?” The card I drew at random was Temperance. This is my favorite card! To me it means that I will continue to work with tarot to bring healing to people; to help them find the right balance in their lives. In my tarot career I will continue to balance many projects and will have time for the creative part of my career as well.

Happy 2013 to you all!