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Here is a tarot spread for you to try. Or maybe it’s better to refer to it as a tarot technique. It’s one I have been using for many years but never before thought to share it.

Start by making a list of the areas in life that are most important to you right now. Alternatively, if you are feeling worried, you could make a list of all your worries. Often these two lists turn out to be one and the same. When you make your list don’t think about order of importance. Everything is important.

By way of example here would be my list: Family, Career, Spiritual Path, Creative Path, Home, and Personal Health/Well-Being.

I usually list each of my family members individually but didn’t here for the sake of privacy.

The next step is to shuffle your cards (oracle cards will work as well as tarot cards if you prefer).

Then pull one card at random for each item on your list. Don’t ask any specific questions, just think about the item and pull a card.

To continue the example, here’s what I pulled.

Family – Nine of Pentacles Rx

Career – Hanged Man Rx

Spiritual Path – High Priestess

Creative Path – Eight of Cups

Home – Queen of Pentacles

Personal Health/Well-Being – The Lovers

The important thing about interpreting cards with this technique is to be really open both intuitively and intellectually about what the cards are saying. The questions the cards answer are intentionally very open-ended. Essentially the questions could be understood as “Tell me something about…”

Using my spread as an example we see that my biggest worry is my family, but it doesn’t need to be. I worry that my kids won’t have everything they need, but the Nine of Pentacles Rx tells me that is my own insecurity, not reality.

The Hanged Man Rx tells me that I am fully in control of my career.

The High Priestess for my spiritual path tells me I am in the process of learning and sharing wisdom. I am thrilled to see this card here.

The Eight of Cups for the creative path is interesting. It seems I must explore how my emotions help and hurt me in my pursuit of creativity.

With the Queen of Pentacles I see that my home is secure.

The Lovers tells me I need to make some decisions and integrate some new things into my life to maintain balance and improve my well-being.

Try this quick and easy technique to create an immediate personal spread for yourself or for a querent!