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I work with the metaphysical properties of the Four Elements of Life. I use elemental associations when I read tarot, and in chakra work. For me, calling the Four Elements to create sacred space is more than just a tradition, it is an invocation to the spirits whom I worship and adore.

Saying I have a favorite element would be like saying I have a favorite child. But I will say this. The element of Fire speaks to me in a way that is almost beyond comprehension.

Fire’s attributes include passion, creativity, spirituality, anger and humor. I have all those traits; some in abundance.

I’m born under a Water sign; Scorpio. But my rising sign is Leo, a Fire sign. My significator in tarot is the Queen of Wands, the Fire Queen.

In many tarot decks the Suit of Wands is illustrated with wands that are sprouting green leaves or blossoming with flowers. That is because Fire represents the life force.

As with all four elements, there are positive and negative aspects of Fire. A fire can warm your home, cook your food or rage uncontrollably and kill you.

Our modern society does not always allow us to easily connect with fire, either literally or metaphorically. In fact, our modern society seems to encourage the violent, angry aspect of Fire more than the sexual and passionate aspect of Fire. We let our kids see violent movies but are uncomfortable with passionate romantic scenes.

As individuals and as a society our ability to be healthy and happy seems to be directly connected with our ability to nurture the element of fire in our lives.

We need to dance more, laugh more and create more. We need to nurture our passions. We need to nurture our connection to Higher Power.

Fire is our inspiration. Fire is our vitality. Fire is our ability to know our will.

If you can dance around the bonfire, do it! If you can sit with a lit candle, do it!

If you can visualize a roaring fire and breathe that energy into your whole being you will be inspired, energized and connected to Spirit.