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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. This time around we are wrangled by Aisling the Bard , who has given us a fitting Imbolc topic. She asks us “What is in your belly? What do you wish to give birth to, to nurture, during this new season? What is the Poet, the Healer, the Maker, within you longing to do, to Become?” Each Tarot Blog Hopper is asked to use a divination tool to answer this question.

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Brigid’s Day, or Imbolc, is one of my favorite holidays on the Wheel of the Year. I love rituals that involve fire, creativity and healing. I love the anticipation of the coming spring. Even though I now live in South Florida and no longer suffer through months of cold, snow and slush I enjoy the signs of spring. Just yesterday as I walked along a canal I saw anhinga and ibis each engaged in the dance of love.

 I feel called by Brigid, the Goddess of healing through creativity. She is my matron Goddess (note: I hate the term “patroness,” and so I simply say “matron.” It obviously means the same thing without the sexist overtones).

This holiday not only celebrates the rebirth around us; it celebrates the rebirth that wells up from within us.

And so as we approach the Feast of Brigid I approach tarot and ask my question directly of Brigid, my matron Goddess. I ask her to speak through the cards and answer this question. “To what shall I give birth this spring?”

Tarot is such a precise tool. The first card I pulled at random was the Ace of Wands. The second was the Three of Wands.

Since Brigid is a fire Goddess it is fitting that I should receive two such powerful cards from the suit of fire. The Three seems apt as a reference to Brigid’s nature as a triple Goddess.

The Ace of Wands speaks of new creative projects and divine inspiration. The Three of Wands speaks of the success that comes from letting that inspiration take form.

But what form shall it take, I wonder. I pull another card. This time I receive the Page of Swords – the messenger of truth. I often see the Page of Swords as a writer.

I am currently working on two different books. One is my third book about tarot. Another is a more eclectic book about spirituality. I had set this spring as a deadline goal for finishing them both.

It seems Brigid has agreed to support me in these projects.

Hail, Brigid!

And, since Brigid is the Goddess of poetry, here is this year’s offering.

 The Forge

Circle of love and devotion
Inner spark and blazing fire
Wild dance and somber journey
The forge flames hotter and higher.

To approach the forge takes courage
Anvil and bellows and heat
Bri’id smiles and beckons me forward
Enchanted, I dare not retreat.

Bri’id takes from me my burden
Striking hammer, sparking fire
She tempers the metal of my heart
To heal, renew and inspire.

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