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Sometimes life isn’t easy. This is true for all of us. It doesn’t mean we are being punished, and it doesn’t always mean we have somehow caused our own difficulties.

Most schools of spiritual thought have doctrine that suggests our lives with be filled with grace and ease if we just “go with the flow,” as if taking the path of least resistance is a sure-fire way to that precious state of grace.

Therefore, when we meet with resistance and difficulty in our lives there can be a tendency to blame ourselves, even in jest – “What did I do to deserve this?”

While most spiritual people are healers and helpers, there will always be those who stand by and say we brought our difficulties on by our own actions or inaction. Sometimes that is true.

Sometimes what we are hearing is the fear of people who can’t deal with the fact that life can be really random. People want to believe that if they follow particular belief systems or live in a particular way they will be insulated from misfortune.

The Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana of the tarot speaks to this very well. We are all subject to fate, karma and the whim of the Gods. Anything can happen to anyone, no matter how much we pray, no matter what our diet is and no matter how positive our energy is.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t pray, eat well and maintain a positive mental attitude. Those things are really, truly helpful. But they are not an insurance policy against misfortune. Nothing is.

Sometimes the Universe really does assist us. When that happens we are truly living in the flow and living in grace.

But sometimes the Universe makes things difficult for us. Sometime the Universe uses adversity to challenge us to greatness.

Sometimes, by going against the flow we become stronger and better. Sometimes our worthy goals can only be achieved by doing really hard things. Obviously, if it were easy everyone would do it.

Don’t be afraid to set difficult goals. The harder something is to achieve the more precious it is.

When things are difficult, don’t feel abandoned by your Higher Power. The tough thing about faith is that it’s hardest to have when we need it most.

Go with the flow, but only when the flow is going in the direction that makes sense for you.

Swim upstream when you have to. Walk against the wind when you need to. Sometimes these are exactly the things we need to do to achieve our true destiny.

When the Wheel of Fortune isn’t turning in your direction, don’t play the blame game. It is good to take an honest inventory and see what you could have done differently. That is the process of learning from our mistakes. Beyond that, nurture the strength of spirit within you to survive whatever you need to survive, knowing that you will come out stronger, with the ability to thrive