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Every job has its risks. Some are physical. Some are emotional.

Metaphysical and spiritual jobs can be risky in ways we might not expect. For teachers, healers and readers there is always the risk of inappropriate client attachment and transference.  And there is always the possibility that we will take on our clients’ energy and be weighed down by it.

But there are other hazards that can be a risk to our own spiritual development. For instance, yoga teachers are at risk of becoming self-absorbed because of the constant need to look within. Healers are at risk of surrounding themselves with people who need healing.

What about tarot readers, then? What are the ways in which our spiritual development could be at risk?

The first risk I see is about ego. Good tarot readers spend their lives hear how right they are, how much they know and how amazing they are. We are glad to hear that our clients are happy, but we must be careful to honor our gifts with humility.

Another risk of being a tarot reader is the idea that even in our personal lives we need to be the go-to person for answers. At work, we do need to be the person with answers and ideas. In our personal lives we do not have to shoulder that responsibility.

As we work to help others grow, learn and heal we each need to make sure that our own journey is one of growth, learning and healing. We need to check in and make sure that we stay grounded in our truth and our goals.

We teach our students the lesson of moderation and the power of the middle way. But we ourselves cannot be moderate. We are full on when it comes to the modalities that have for us become career.

Because we cannot be moderate we must seek to moderate ourselves.  We counter our occupational hazards by working to to stay grounded, humble and focused as we help people create miracles in their lives.