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I’m sure many people notice synchronicity in their lives. Tarot readers may notice it more because it shows up in readings as well as in their own lives.

The sort of synchronicity I mean is this. A particular theme shows up as a type of problem that everyone seems to be having at once.

The one that happened to me this week teaches a lesson that I have already learned. So why did it show up for me? I think it showed up because I was able to offer appropriate advice that came both from my own heart and from the cards.

The theme of the week was “getting along with others.” This theme showed up especially in business relationships and friendships.

When we talk about the importance of getting along I need to make one thing clear. There are times, especially with families and spouses, when we need to understand the differences between misunderstandings and abuse.

Every family will suffer misunderstandings that are born of stress, personality differences and differences of opinion. Sometimes family relationships (and romantic relationships) can become toxic and/or abusive. When this is the case we need boundaries. Sometimes we need to practice compassionate detachment and end the relationship.

The relationship issues that have come up as a theme for me this week are not about those kinds of relationships. The kinds of relationships I am addressing here are relationships that are an obvious mutual benefit but have run into trouble.

The basic question is this. What happens when you and a friend or business associate are angry with each other?

Somehow anger and hurt feelings often cause us to lose the rational, mature mind and revert to acting like pedantic children in the sandbox. Pride and ego keep us from extending the olive branch. An apology seems like a sign of weakness.

Tarot offers solutions to these problems both in the act of tarot reading and in the spiritual messages from individual cards.

Major Arcana 8, Strength, reminds us that we are strongest when we come from a place of love rather than anger. If we can initiate solving the problem in a loving way we have an opportunity to become the bigger person. It’s called the high road for a reason!

Major Arcana 11, Justice, reminds us to do the right thing, no matter what. We cannot let hurt and anger define our moral compass.

Major Arcana 20, Judgment, teaches us to put closure to upsetting incidents and move forward, led by the voice of the angels.

In tarot numerology six can be about victory, glory and service. The sixes in the Minor Arcana each give us an indication of ways to handle conflict.

The Six of Swords tells us to let logic be our guide rather than emotion.

The Six of Cups reminds us to honor our longstanding relationships.

The Six of Pentacles reminds us of the need to help each other and treat each other fairly.

The Six of Wands is the card of victory. When we can handle situations with grace, ease and fairness then everyone wins!