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 I love that I get to interact with so many different people in the course of my work. Everyone has a different perspective, different experiences and different cultural norms.

When we talk about spirituality, magick and psychic development it becomes clear that no matter what a person’s background is, everyone has similar experiences.

Those who see auras but don’t know what they are will describe colors that match our understanding of the chakra system.

Those who have never heard of scrying will describe prophetic images in fire and in clouds.

The joy and relief they feel when I am able to give names and explanations to their experiences is immense.

From my perspective, it is interesting that the phenomenal stories I hear have commonality, even if the people telling the stories do not.

Those who have psychic abilities but no understanding of those abilities often feel afraid and alone. To be able to welcome them to a community and help them understand the essence of who they really are is a privilege.

The same sort of thing happens on a more universal level as we find similarities between all the religious myths and symbols in the world. Are these simply expressions of archetypes, or do they describe actual events through the eyes of many cultures?

To me, the details don’t matter. What does matter is the accumulation of truth and synchronicity. When we see or hear the same symbols and themes over and over from different sources we are able to distill from them a certain truth.

No matter who were are, where we are or what we have experienced, there are common threads in our personal and cultural spiritual experiences.

Finding these common threads is a way to create healing, communication and community.