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Most people, even those who don’t identify themselves as spiritual or religious, occasionally notice signs of good luck. Numbers, songs on the radio and animal sightings are all commonly identified as having some greater meaning; as being a sign of luck, or a sign from a Higher Power.

Most of us don’t see the face of a deity in our morning waffle, but most of us do have some particular omens that make us feel that we are protected, blessed and on the right track.

I always refer to coincidences as “synchronicities.” I identify synchronicities in my life as signs of High Power’s presence.

These signs strengthen my faith and comfort me.

I also try to remember that not everything is a sign from God. Sometimes the splotch in the photograph is just dust on the camera lens rather than the spirit of your grandmother.

The question is, how can you tell the difference?

The answer for me is that you don’t have to.

If believing in something gives you comfort, believe in it.

If you feel a sense of synchronicity, go with it.

The problem only comes in when we become dogmatic about our beliefs. If I insist that I know for sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the fact that the phone rang when the clock read 11:11 exactly means that my dead aunt has a message for me, I may be a bit out of balance.

If I take my supposition as a possibility and spend some time in meditation to try to receive that message, I am open to all things.

That’s the thing about dogma. It takes away our ability to be open. When we become dogmatic about our signs we register as superstitious rather than spiritual.

I believe in the signs I see around me. I encourage my students to look for signs as well. But we need to be open to all the possibilities, including the possibility that some things have meaning, and some things don’t.