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Many of you know about my weekly webcast, Christiana’s Psychic Café.  Usually I interview guests and show video clips of local artists, dancers and musicians. I want my webcast to be a celebration of creativity and spirituality.

For my June 2nd show I am doing something a little different.

I have chosen a diverse group of people and am asking them all the same question.

“What is one thing we can do to create a better world?”

I have been conducting these short interviews all week. I still have quite a few more to do before I put them together for our show on June 2nd.

What started as simply a nifty and creative idea for a special webcast is quickly turning in to something much more potent. I am blown away by each person’s thoughtful answer. I won’t share any answers with you here – you will have to watch the show to discover what people are saying.

I had no idea how profoundly people’s answers would affect me. Each one brings tears to my eyes.  Is it simply that I know a lot of really deep, thoughtful, intelligent people?

I am not sure that any random group of people would produce the same results. I have spent a lifetime cultivating relationships with people I truly admire.

I am surprised that each person so far has shared something simple, wise and profound, but that no two people have said the same thing.

Next week after the show airs I will post the list of results.

In the meanwhile, I’ll say this.

I am reminded of the theory in psychics that says once we look at something we have changed it. What if thinking and talking about ways to create a better world is actually manifesting that better world?

As I go through the process of having these short conversations with people I see that my own world is made better.

Thanks to all who are participating in this project.

While I have asked a few people this question, I have yet to take the question to tarot.

When I ask “What is one thing we can do to create a better world?” and pull a card, I get  the Hierophant reversed!

Let’s be willing to think outside the box, to question authority and to challenge dogma!