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Sunday, June 2nd was the “Creating a Better World” show on Christiana’s Psychic Café. You can watch it in archive on the Tarot Topics News Site.

As promised, here are the answers from all our participants.

The question each of them answered is “What is one thing we can do to create a better world?

Helene is a Pagan tarot card reader, writer and teacher. Her answer is “community.”

Amy is a fashion model, dancer and mother. Her answer is “Each person needs to go within and heal themselves.”

The MadhaPPy family consists of Mom, Dad and two young daughters. They are musicians. Their answer is “Fearlessness.”

Adam is an organic farmer. His answer is “Education.”

Robin Renee is a musician and songwriter. Her answer is “Activism without anger.”

Gary is a life coach and tarot reader. His answer is “Get rid of the need to be right.”

Tidal is a tarot card reader and show host on PEN. His answer is “Remember all life is a circle.”

Bear is a musician. His answer is “Compassion for each other and compassion for the Earth.”

Anita is a carder reader, artisan and show host on PEN. Her answer is “See all life as sacred.”

Kelly and Martha provided our final interview. Kelly is a parent and a healer. Her answer is “Live with intention, and let that intention be love.”

Martha is a Christian pastor. Her answer is this. “Kindness – simple, yet challenging.”

 And there it is. A recipe to create a better world. Let’s get started!