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Life happens in chapters. When we are young the chapters are often delineated by our age and education. Sometimes changes in family or location can also create a new chapter.

 As we get older chapters are formed according to work, relationships, illnesses, geography and family changes.

Often we don’t have control over the endings and beginnings of our chapters.

Some chapters are definitely better than others.

When you are going through a difficult chapter remember that one chapter won’t define the story of your life. At some point this chapter will close and a new, perhaps better, one will open.

Even the best chapters of our lives will one day come to a close. We can’t live in fear of that. All we can do is enjoy those chapters to their fullest.

Sometimes we can be proactive and make the decision to start a new chapter by changing the way we think. Sometimes we start a new chapter by actually doing something new.

It is interesting to use a device like tarot to help us understand our chapters. To pull a card to help define the theme of the current chapter is often insightful.

If you are in a difficult chapter you can pull a card to give insight on how to close the chapter. You can pull a card to answer a question such as “What should my next chapter be?”

Thinking about life as a series of chapters can help us find new perspective, heal from the past and prepare for a great future.