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I am not a huge reader of sacred texts. Rather, I find sacred messages in many things, from the images of tarot to the lyrics of popular music. This past weekend, while giving readings at an outdoor event, some specific words from a sacred text popped into my mind for a particular client. I do try to have a few meaningful passages memorized, and I encourage my students to do the same. Sometimes meaningful and familiar words give a client something to hang on to for comfort and wisdom.

One of my favorite Biblical passages is Paul’s letter to the Corinthians about love. First Corinthians 13:4-8 is the clearest, most concise description of love I know. This weekend, what popped in my mind was only the first three words: love is patient.

Sometimes when we memorize lengthy passages the impact of short phrases gets lost. I don’t usually think about “love is patient” without continuing on to “love is kind” in a sing-song kind of way.

Love is patient.

Love is not just about specific relationships. Love is an energy that each of us generates and spreads through the world; some of us more than others. In the reading the message of loving patience was very important and timely for the client. But there was a message there for me, too.

While waiting in the restaurant for a slow kitchen to deliver my meal I became impatient. As I started glancing around and drumming my fingers on the table I remembered it again: love is patient. By being impatient I was being the opposite of loving.

The more patient I can be in life the more loving I will be in life. The more loving energy I am able to generate the more the energy that surrounds me will be of that high vibration – the vibration of love.