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One of my favorite bits of spiritual wisdom is deceptively simple. The Hermetic “As Above, So Below” works in so many ways in our lives. I am constantly in awe of the power and knowledge that comes from those four words.

People often ask me to explain what “As Above, So Below” actually means. In a way, I am still figuring it out. Here are a five ways this wisdom presents itself to me.

  1. Astrology
    The movement of the heavens does not create situations on Earth. The movements of the heavens are reflected on Earth. As Above, So Below.

  2. We are Made in the Image of Higher Power
    In virtually every religious paradigm there is a sense that humans are created as an image of deity. As Above, So Below.

  3. Success Comes From Spiritual and Mundane Action Together
    When we want to achieve something we must pray, set intentions, do magick or make vision boards. We must create our success spirituality. At the same time, we must do the mundane work to support that success. One without the other doesn’t work very well. When our spiritual work and our mundane work support the same intention we are very likely to succeed. As Above, So Below.

  4. Spiritual Lessons come in Mundane Forms
    Often we learn powerful spiritual lessons from the mundane events in our lives. For example, a person might achieve remarkable spiritual growth from the patience they learn when they break their leg.  As Above, So Below.

  5. Mind over Matter
    We’ve all heard the expression “mind over matter.” The idea is that our thoughts are powerful enough to influence physical things.  Sometimes we can heal the body with the power of the mind. As Above, So Below.

Westerners often sense a disconnection between the mundane and the spiritual. As Above, So Below reminds us that our mundane and spiritual activities are inextricably connected.