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Many of us burn sage, cedar, incense or resins like copal in our homes as a way of keeping the home energetically clean. Sometimes we use candles the same way, walking room to room with a lit candle to bring light and renewal to the home.

Many of us use these small rituals to bless our homes, and to calm, center and energize ourselves.

What happens when burning incense, herbs or candles isn’t possible due to allergies, fire hazard or other restrictions?

Some energy workers have created sprays of essential oils that work really well – I am a particular fan of Intuitive Goddess products.

The fact is, you can always find ways to lighten up without using a lighter.

Here are five tools you can use to shift the energy in your home.

  1. Use a wand. Harry Potter got nothing on you! A wand can be made of metal, stone, crystal, or wood, or some combination thereof. A wand can be plain or ornate, big or small. You can even use your index finger as a wand if you need to.
    Simply walk from room to room with your wand, using the wand to cut the stale energy, sweep it away and stir up new energy.

  2. Use a drum and a rattle. Rattles cut energy, drums raise energy. Go through your house once with a rattle, shaking it in each room to cut away the stale energy. Then go through the house with the drum to raise the new energy.

  3. Use your voice. Your voice singing, chanting or speaking sacred words in each room of your home is an effective way to cleanse the energy of the home. Speak, chant or sing your blessings for your home.

  4. Use a mop and broom. Sometimes the tools we use for physical cleaning work for spiritual cleansing as well. You can use a besom (sacred broom) to sweep away the stale energy and stir up new energy. Sweep the floors, but also sweep the air near the walls and ceilings of each room. You can also sprinkle a circle of salt in your kitchen, then sweep it to the center and out the kitchen door.
    Many botanicas sell a special floor wash you can use that will clean your floor and cleanse your home at the same time.

  5. Use fresh flowers. Choose flowers based on the energy you want to attract to your home. Walk the bouquet through each room of the house, then place the vase in a central spot.

Even the most calm, peaceful home needs to be energetically refreshed from time to time. You will be amazed at the difference in the way your home feels, and in the way you feel.