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Tarot is a teacher. Each card bears lessons for us. As we learn the cards we are wiser for their messages. As we work with the cards we learn specific lessons about circumstances in our lives, some are unique to the individual circumstance and some are universal.

Each card teaches so many different lessons. Arguably, the Major Arcana cards are the wisest teachers in the deck. Here are some of the lessons I learn from them.

The Fool: Life is a journey and no one really knows where they are going. Have fun and figure it out as you go!

The Magician: Keep a good inventory of your tools, skills and abilities. Never stop learning.

The High Priestess: Be still. Sometimes silence is the best teacher.

The Empress: All things thrive when you nurture them. Choose what you want to grow in your life.

The Emperor: Honor your responsibilities.

The Hierophant: Know your own authority. Seek the proper authorities when you need to.

The Lovers: The right connections bring balance, the wrong ones don’t.

The Chariot: Be in charge of your own life.

Strength: Don’t be a bitch.

The Hermit: Don’t be afraid to be alone.

The Wheel of Fortune: Bad stuff happens. So does good stuff. Deal with it.

Justice: Do the right thing. Do it even if other people aren’t doing the right thing, and even if nobody’s watching.

Hanged Man: When you can’t change your circumstances, change your attitude.

Death: The only constant is change.

Temperance: Don’t expect perfection. Strive for the perfect blend.

Devil: You must face your fears, unhealthy habits and unpleasant truths.

Tower: That which is built on a faulty foundation cannot stand forever.

Star: All healing is available, always. Healing may not come in the form you expect.

Moon: Not everything is as it seems – look deeper.

Sun: Don’t hold back. Bring your best game every day.

Judgement: Get over it.

World: Take a larger view. The larger your perspective the more peace you will have.

Those are some of the lessons I’ve learned from the Major Arcana. What the Major Arcana taught you?