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Welcome to the 2014 Ostara Tarot Blog Hop!

For this Ostara Tarot Blog Hop, our wrangler, Joanne Sprott, has asked us to honor the season by celebrating resurrection and rebirth. Gladly I will!

Although I hadn’t thought about it until Joanne asked us to, I have been in a cycle of rebirth and renewal recently. I always try to make that happen in the spring. This year it seemed to happen naturally.

Recently I found myself listening to Bob Dylan’s iconic “Forever Young.” I’ll tell you something – that song means something different now that I’m fifty than it did when I was twenty-five. As we get older, the need for renewal is greater, and also harder to find.

Whether we are celebrating the end of winter, the resurrection of Christ, the renewal of the Earth or all of the above, the energy of spring each year gives us the opportunity to feel young, if we let it. This is no less true for me in sunny Florida than it was in the snowy Northeast.

Recently I’ve found a way to nurture my renewal by honoring both the old and the new. I am trying new things, learning new skills and finding joy in them. At the same time I am re-exploring things from my past that had fallen by the wayside.

As an example, one of the old things I have revisited is playing guitar. My guitars have been collecting dust for far too long. I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing music.

One of the new things I have tried is Brussels sprouts. I have always disliked this particular food. I tried it again, for the first time in years, and discovered that now I enjoy these cute little veggies.

I think this balance of old and new is an important discovery. To be constantly renewed, to be forever young (as it were) I need to nurture the things that have always made me happy, and I need to be constantly willing to try new things. Never should I gracefully surrender all of the things of youth, and never should I be an old dog who can’t learn new tricks.

There are so many tarot cards that teach us of these processes. We honor the past with cards like the Six of Cups and the Ten of Pentacles. We honor the new with the Aces. We honor transformation and the passage of time with Death, Temperance and Judgment.

I have been exploring two-card spreads recently. For this Blog Hop I thought I would create a spread to help us find renewal by being open to new things, and by revisiting the things of youth.

Two-Card Renewal Spread

Card One: What do I need to do in order to revisit something from the past?

Card Two: What do I need to do in order to welcome something new?

I received the Nine of Pentacles reversed for position one, and the World reversed for position two.

Here’s how I see it. For me, the Nine of Pentacles reversed is about feeling insecure. In order for me to dedicate myself to playing guitar I have to get over my insecurities about my questionable musical ability.

I think the World reversed reminds me that I can’t know if I’ll like something if I don’t try. For me the World is a sense of closure and completion. In its reversed state, I see something unknown or unfinished. It also speaks to my continued need to learn and experience more of the world, for as long as I live.

That both cards are reversed suggests to me that there is still a great deal more I can do to welcome renewal.

May the new spring bring renewal to each of us.

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