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Today is the first day of April, traditionally known as “April Fool’s Day.”

Although there are no historical or cultural connections between April Fool’s Day and the Fool of tarot, I always like to use April Fool’s Day to celebrate the tarot Fool.

(If you want to know more about the Fool, you might enjoy watching the “Night of 1000 Fools” on my webcast, Christiana’s Psychic Café.)

There are many origin theories for April Fool’s Day. The typical way to celebrate the holiday is to play pranks on people and make them “April Fools.”

The tarot Fool is not foolish. The tarot Fool is more like the Shakespearian Fool, dancing to the beat of his own heart.

In tarot, the Fool is the star of the story told by the cards. The Fool represents each one of us on our journey through life. The other seventy-seven cards represent the experiences, lessons, themes and characters encountered by the Fool, and by us, along the way.

On April First, I try to be more Fool-ish.

I remember that I am the star of my own story.

I strive to experience my journey fearlessly.

I honor my inner child.

I delight in the process of discovery and exploration.

Today is the day to find your inner Fool!