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I love the Tom Petty song “Into the Great Wide Open.” Sometimes I see cards come up in tarot readings in ways that remind me of this song. Sometimes, for some people, the future is truly wide open.

So often, people seek tarot readings because they want a glimpse of their future.  Often, the best tarot readings tell us that the Universe is ready to help us manifest the future we desire.

There are a few cards that indicate this state of being to me. Often they come up together in the same spread. When I see these cards I know it is very important to be clear about goals, intention and actions, because you are ready to manifest your future. What you do today will determine what your tomorrow looks like.

The three cards that specifically speak to me of actively manifesting your future are the Two of Wands, the Seven of Cups and the World. It is amazing to me how often I see these three cards together.

The Two of Wands is about dreaming dreams, setting goals and making plans. In this card we have the opportunity to decide what we want our world to look like.

The Seven of Cups reminds us that we have options and choices. With this card we need to choose what we want to manifest in life.

The World is the card of attainment. It comes up to say that we have the ability to create the world we want.

Inherent in tarot is the opportunity not just to gain knowledge and perspective, but also the opportunity to build the future we desire. When you see these three cards, be ready to set your goals and create the life you want!