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I was speaking with someone recently who told me that he never looks back, because Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. To him, that means when we look to our past we are in danger of becoming bitter.

I was refreshed to find someone quoting the Bible who understands metaphors and doesn’t believe that it is literally possible for a person to turn into an actual pillar of salt. However, I have to say I disagree with my friend’s sentiment about looking to the past.

I think it is important to look to the past, to honor the past and to learn from the past. Certainly we can’t dwell in the past, nor long for the past. But if we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat it. If we forget the past, we forget who we are.

There is a lot in tarot, and in the process of tarot reading, that involves looking at the past. We look to the past to learn about ourselves, and why we do the things we do. We look to the past to find our identity.

In a reading, many tarot spreads have a “past” position, and sometimes a “foundation” position. A reader looks to these positions to see what has set the stage for the current situation.

Here are three tarot cards that often speak specifically of the past, and our ways of dealing with what has come before.

  1. The Six of Cups

    The Six of Cups is the card of nostalgia and childhood memories. The Six of Cups may predict or encourage reunions with family members and childhood friends. The Six of Cups reminds us of our history, and the way we honor our history. The Six of Cups expresses a feeling of familiarity that comes when we feel comfortable with someone.

  2. The Ten of Pentacles

    The Ten of Pentacles is the “Castle” card, and can often refer to real estate, and family matters. The Ten of Pentacles is the card of ancestry and legacy. With the Ten of Pentacles, we consider what we have inherited and learned from the prior generation.

  3. Judgement

    Judgement is the card of the Christian Judgement Day. Judgement speaks of something coming to final closure. With Judgement, we evaluate the past, learn from it and release it, in order to be reborn to something new.