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This week, on my Tarot Topics Community Blog, I wrote about recurrent tarot cards. I’ve been having a recurrent tarot card that is becoming more insistent as we approach my late-October Scorpio birthday.

That card is the Wheel of Fortune.
That makes sense as a “birthday card.” The Wheel of Fortune can refer to the end of one cycle, and the beginining of another.

In meditation with the Wheel of Fortune, this thought came to me.

Getting older is not as bad as one might think. I have fewer responsibilities than I used to, now that my kids are grown. I have more tools, skills and experience to draw on to handle whatever might arise, than ever before in my life.

The Wheel of Fortune can mean many things when it comes up in a reading. Today I add a new meaning to my Wheel of Fortune vocabulary.

“No matter what comes next, and no matter where I’ve been, I feel lucky to be here today.”

That is the Wheel’s message to me today.

What does the Wheel of Fortune say to you?