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It’s amazing how much misinformation I hear about the legalities of professional tarot reading – from tarot readers.

I am always honored when new tarot professionals seek me out for mentorship and professional advice. I’m happy to share; that’s why I wrote “Fortune Stellar.”

There is one type of question I hear a lot that I am uncomfortable answering. In fact, that an aspiring professional is asking me these questions, or posing them for peer perspective in social media groups, is a clear indication to me that the student might not be ready for professional tarot.

The questions that set off all sorts of red flags for me are about legalities. Is tarot reading legal where I live? Do I have to pay taxes? Do I need some sort of permit? Is an ordination necessary? Should I become an LLC? Do I have to state that readings are for entertainment only?

You would not believe the number of people, from all over the country, who ask me these sorts of questions. I can help those who are in my local area, in that I actually do know something about the local laws. Outside of my geographic area, I am not the right person to give good information on local business law.

One of my rules as a tarot reader is this. Always go to the easiest, best and most trustworthy source for whatever information you seek. Don’t ask a tarot reader if you are pregnant (although I have been the first to see many new lives). If you think you might be pregnant, get a pregnancy test. Then get a tarot reading to discuss what comes next.

The same is true for the legalities of business. If you are going to open a business, speak with a local attorney. Talk with your City Hall, and your local zoning board. These are the people who will give you the solid information you need. If you are afraid to make those phone calls, or unwilling to pay the fees that go with them, you are not ready for professional tarot.

If you believe that another tarot reader is a better source of legal advice than a local attorney, you may not be ready to give helpful guidance to those in need. If you can’t be logical, you aren’t ready to be mystical.

The legalities of tarot reading change from state to state, city to city and county to county. As I discuss in “Fortune Stellar,” there are still places in the US with laws on the books against tarot in specific, or fortune-telling in general. Overall, these laws are seen as archaic, and unable to withstand a challenge in court. If you have such laws near where you live and you feel like being an activist for a good cause, go ahead and get arrested for tarot reading. But please, don’t do this without the guidance of an attorney. If you don’t want to get arrested and worry what your exposure might be, seek clarification with an attorney. If you are worried about civil liability as a tarot reader, again, consult an attorney. Get the facts.

When we read for the public, we stress the importance of referrals. If you need a doctor, see a doctor. If you need an attorney, see an attorney. In our professional practices, let’s follow the same advice we give our clients!