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The online tarot community can be an important part of a tarotist’s educational, professional, spiritual and social life. For tarotists who live in remote areas, the online community may be the only connection to tarot friends they have.

Nonetheless, there is something satisfying and unique about meeting with an in-person tarot group.

The Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup had its first meeting on Sunday, November 9, at Panera in Lutz.

Meetup is a wonderful website that helps us find things to do and people to do them with. It’s cheap for organizers, and free to join. Simply log in, enter your interests and your city and see what you find!

Organizing a tarot meetup isn’t a business decision, it’s a labor of love.

To begin our first meeting we each chose one card with which to introduce ourselves. The card could be chosen cognitively or at random, or could be a personal significator. The card could be who you are today, or who you are always.

As we went around the table, we each spoke about our own card, and then gave the group a chance to speak about each person’s card. In this way, we learned more about the cards, and more about each other.

One person discovered his personal significator as he did this exercise!

Of the nine of us who were there, three of us chose the Queen of Cups. Overall, the Queen of Cups perfectly describes the synergy, empathy, intuition, compassion and flow of our first meeting.

Our next meeting will be December 7th. We’ve decided to focus on performing and observing readings to share practical reading techniques.

Join the meetup, and join us!