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When I was young girl in Sunday School at the United Methodist Church, our teacher used to say that God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is “no.”

There’s a similar situation that comes up in divination. In my years of experience, it has been true that not every question is immediately answerable.

In some methods of divination, such as pendulum charts, there can be a designated position for “DWA,” which is “Don’t Want to Answer.”

Whether or not a specific divination method gives the Universe a DWA option, sometimes the Universe will simply refuse to answer. You can rephrase questions and pull cards all day, but the cards will keep referring back to what you already know.

Sometimes tarot cards will speak to your frustration. Sometimes the Two of Wands reversed says “Just don’t worry about the future right now.” Sometimes the Four of Swords says “Just give it a rest.” The cards will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that they will not answer your question at this time.

This doesn’t happen often, thank goodness. When it does happen, we often feel disappointed, or frustrated.

The thing to remember is this. Just as God answers every prayer, the Universe does indeed answer every question. Sometimes the answer is “Don’t worry about this.” Sometimes the answer is a lesson in trust.

Sometimes the divination will reveal why you are so obsessed with this particular question. When that happens, the opportunity for healing is profound.

The next time your cards stubbornly refuse to answer your question, take it as an opportunity to heal, and as a lesson in trust. You haven’t failed as a reader, and the cards haven’t failed you.

There are reasons we can’t know everything and answer every question. In divination, there seem to be safeguards that keep us from knowing what isn’t for our highest good.

That the cards so easily and completely reveal so much is a constant source of amazement to me, even after all these years. The rare times when the cards cannot, or will not, reveal something can be equally amazing, and equally useful, if we let them be.