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I spent this past weekend presenting at an outdoor camping festival for younger people. Both workshops I presented had a divinatory component.

The first was a celebration of spring, where each participant would perform a divination, a release and a manifestation. The divination provided the focus for the season.

Normally, when divination is required, tarot is my go-to tool. For this ceremony, however, I created a divination tool. In meditation, I chose a series of words. I printed each word on paper and placed the words inside plastic Easter eggs.

In the ceremony, I asked each person to check in for guidance about the coming season. What should their focus be?

When ready, each person came to the altar, chose an egg and read the word contained inside.

After the ceremony, I discovered that a young man who had come to the festival as a “last hurrah” before planning a baby had received the word “Family” in his egg. He shared with me his profound joy at receiving this vote of confidence from the Universe.

A young woman who was struggling to become the person she knows she is rather than the person her family wants her to be received the word “Identity.”

The focus of the festival was not specifically spiritual, nor divinatory. Not every person there had ever performed a divination, or participated in magickal ceremony.

None of that seemed to matter, as people embraced their words with open hearts and open minds.

The simplicity of the group oracle, and the profoundly specific ways the words spoke to each individual, impressed me.

Whether we work with a complex system like tarot, the simple flip of a coin, or something in between, divination can speak to the individual in very specific terms. We just have to take time to check in and ask for the answers we need.