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So often people want a tarot reading to tell them what they are going to do in the future. While tarot can be amazingly predictive, we each have control over our future actions and decisions.

Rather than predicting what our future selves might do, tarot serves to help us find our core truths.

Tarot is an effective tool to help us when we’re struggling to find inner guidance and make the best decisions in life. The stakes are high; no one wants to choose something they will live to regret.

Often, we have a hard time finding our inner guidance. Many times, the well-intentioned advice and not-so-well-intentioned judgements of others are part of the problem.

We often make the decisions we believe we should make, rather than the ones that will really make us happy. We fear ridicule, judgement, and lack of faith from others. We forget that, usually, those things are rooted in fear and jealousy, rather than in a lack of belief in our abilities.

Nonetheless, we often give the advice of others more weight than we do our own inner knowing, or our own genuine happiness. Sometimes, that is because it’s hard to know the difference between anxiety and intuition, and between good advice and judgement based in fear.

Whether we chose to consult the cards for ourselves, or to work with a competent reader, a session with the cards can help us sort out truth from fear.

Tarot, and a good tarot reader, can’t make decisions for anyone. Tarot can help discern our innermost desires, fears and motivations. Armed with that knowledge, we have an easier time tuning in to our inner guidance, and making the authentic choices that will create the future we desire.