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An Easy  and Insightful Program for Real Change in the New Year

Why waste another year struggling with boredom, loneliness, frustration, unclear goals or unlaunched projects?

Why let fear, uncertainty and doubt keep you from living the life you want?

2017 can be different!

Instead of making resolutions, here’s an opportunity to make true change in your life!

Ready or not, 2017 will be here soon. We can’t choose what awaits us, or what has brought us here.

We can choose to discover and honor our unique highest purpose. We can choose to embrace our own power, and work to manifest our goals, without fear. We do this when we chose to learn to make the best of our situation, understand our tools, talents and skills, and develop practical strategies supported by spiritual practice. 2017: Embrace Your Power, Manifest your Goals will give you a personalized script to do all of that, and more.

We all face demons like fear, self-doubt and anxiety. When we give our fears more attention than we give our talents, we block our own happiness and success. The path to discovering talents, releasing fears and setting a course toward success is different for each person. We all must walk a unique and individual journey. Happily, we can help each other along the way.

In a special process, which I have developed over the past 25 years of offering creative coaching and mentoring with tarot, I will connect you with your greatest purpose, your higher self and your spiritual Source. We will develop a simple custom practice that you will begin to easily incorporate into your daily life.

Change is hard, but stagnation is harder.

With this program, you will discover new transformative insights and develop new helpful habits. You will find your inner strength and power, and learn to harness the universal flow of energy on your behalf.

Whether you struggle with your personal, professional or creative direction, this one-time program could make the difference you’ve been praying for.

Your 2017: Embrace Your Power, Manifest your Goals program will take you in to tyour New Year with new perspective, new insight, new energy and a clear action plan for your success!

Your package begins with a 45 -minute private recorded session with me, by phone, Skype or FaceTime. This session will take place by appointment at your convenience during the last week of December or first two weeks of January. In this session, we will determine your goals, and identify the challenges that have been getting in the way of your success. Together, we will develop a custom action plan to set you on your course toward success. You action plan will include specific homework designed to help you understand your skills, remove your barriers and move forward toward your goals. That homework may include specific practical tasks, reading, study, journaling, meditation, art, exercise, research, ceremony, self-talk or any other helpful activity, as determined during your session.

Your homework will require your commitment, but will not overwhelm you. Throughout the program I will be reviewing your homework by email, and offering my suggestions for further exploration.

In mid-January, you will have the opportunity to participate and/or listen to an hour-long recorded group call. The call will be accessible by phone or computer, and will include peer support and a helpful exchange of ideas. During the call, I will conduct a short workshop and meditation designed to support your transformative process.

Near the end of January, you and I will meet privately, again by phone, FaceTime or Skype, for a 15-minute check-in. We’ll see what’s working, and adjust your activities as needed. At that time, we will schedule a final half-hour private session to take place in February. In that session, we will track your progress, and set goals to continue your positive trajectory into 2017 and beyond.

2017: Embrace Your Power, Manifest your Goals is a great gift for yourself, or someone you love.

The entire package is yours for $199.

Bring a friend on the journey! Buy an additional package as a gift for only $99 more!

Deadline to purchase is December 25.

Pay by phone by calling me, Christiana, at 561-655-1160 using any major credit or debit card. We can schedule your opening session when you call! You can also email me at tarot@christianagaudet.com to arrange your purchase via PayPal, and schedule your opening session.

Don’t wait! Participation is limited in order to give each participant the best experience possible, so call or email today to reserve your seat for this life-changing program!