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I’m so excited to be teaching a class for Tarot Summer School this year!

My class is “Anatomy of a Tarot Reading”. Whether you are a new reader, one who uses tarot for personal introspection, a pro reader or an aspiring pro, this class has something for you.

Here’s a promo video.

Here is an in-depth class description.

What’s the difference between remarking about a series of cards, and giving an actual tarot reading?

That’s what we’re going to explore in this class.

Every tarot reading is a unique experience.

Every tarot reader has a unique style.

And yet, there are specific qualities that create a transformative tarot experience, versus an experience that is confusing, or limited in its helpfulness.

I’ve divide the process of tarot reading into seven distinct steps. We’ll handle each step as an individual section. Please perform the exercises that I provide in each section – that’s where you will find how each technique works best for you.

The seven steps we’ll be working with, in order, are:

1. Preparation

A tarot reading begins with our own mindset and perspective. We’ll discuss helpful mindsets that make the complex process of tarot reading flow more easily.

A great tarot reading takes place in sacred space. We will look at the steps it takes to transform any reading area into a temple of divination.

2. Invocation

A tarot reading can connect us to, and be informed by, the spirit world. We’ll discover ways of inviting Spirit into our tarot reading process, and recognizing Spirit’s voice within the cards.

3. Intuition

It’s impossible to give a great tarot reading without acknowledging and welcoming your own psychic nature. We’ll work with opening the Third Eye, and discover the specific connection between tarot and the brow chakra, and how we can use that connection to derive specific information.

4. Operation

Most tarot classes focus solely on tarot operations. That’s because what we specifically do with the cards is a huge part of what makes a tarot reading.

In this section, we’ll discuss your options in spreads and card-reading techniques.

5. Interpretation

Tarot cards have key words, spiritual lessons and classic interpretations, but how do they translate into an actual reading? We’ll explore interpretive techniques that will help you tell the story and deliver the message.

6. Presentation

We may SEE what the cards are saying, but how we SAY what we see is what makes the reading. We’ll talk about the best ways to present the reading to different types of clients in different settings.

7. Manifestation

Every tarot reading is an opportunity for tarot magick! It is always possible to find ways to work with the energy of the cards to create the best possible outcomes.

On a practical level, a great reading usually ends with a plan for action; something the client can use to move themselves forward toward their goals.

Before we begin, let me say one final thing by way of introduction.

I believe that it is impossible to teach another person to read tarot. All we tarot teachers can do is help you discover how the cards speak to you. My goal is to create a space for you to explore your intuition, your interpretive skills, and your connection to the cards and to Spirit. From there, the possibilities for what you can do are limitless!


If you still haven’t signed up, here’s more to entice you. Here’s a list of teachers, and the classes they will be teaching!

●     Benebell Wen – Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Dynamic Power

●     Kate Fisher from Daily Tarot Girl – Learn the Tarot Court Cards

●     Vix from New Age Hipster – Tarot For Your Chakras

●     Avalon Cameron – Ritual Tarot

●     Chris-Anne Donnelly – Creating Your Own Tarot and Oracle Deck

●     Jenna Matlin from Queen of Wands Tarot – Tarot and Feng Shui

●     Christiana Gaudet – Anatomy of a Tarot Reading

●     Carrie Mallon – Tarot for Empaths

●     Ethony* Dawn – Money Magic & Manifestation with Tarot

●     Kelley Knight from Modern Mystic Tarot – Building Your Brand and Business

●     Jessi Huntenburg- Reading Tarot Intuitively

●     Melissa White from White Sacred Soul – Mediumship and Tarot

●     Hazellie Wong – Charting Your Future with Tarot & Numerology

●     Jaymi Elford from Inner Compass Tarot – Tarot for Goal Manifestation

●     Jessie Hughes from Pomegranate Tarot – Tarot Journaling

You can purchase a season pass, or take just the classes you want.

Now it is time to travel to the Tarot Reader’s Academy, learn more and