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Psychic Protection for Empaths and Readers

We hear the term ‘psychic protection’ quite often. Less often do we receive clear information on what that means and how to create it for ourselves.

You might wonder, who needs psychic protection?

The two categories of people who most urgently need psychic protection are empaths and psychic readers.

Empaths are people who naturally feel what others feel, often both emotionally and physically. Empaths need to develop two important skills. The first is to be able to differentiate their own feelings and sensations from those of others. The second is to learn to protect themselves from other people’s energies.

Because empaths so often and easily pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings and read them as their own they are incredibly easy to manipulate. This makes empaths the natural prey of narcissists. That means that empaths need to learn to have good boundaries in all their relationships, and a good sense of self, self-esteem and self-love.

Truly, psychic protection is just another type of boundary that we need to have in our interactions with people.

Psychic readers are those who do psychic work for others, either professionally or casually, using clairvoyance, mediumship, and tools like tarot and other oracles. Psychic readers need to utilize psychic protection for two reasons. First, in day-to-day life, naturally psychic people need to shield themselves from picking up information when it’s not helpful or appropriate so to do.

Second, in a reading we need to be able to give information without taking on the emotional and energetic burdens of our clients.

The difference between empaths and psychics (some people are both) is that empaths feel what others are feeling, and psychics know and see information about others.

Both need to be able to utilize psychic protection every day, and especially when interacting with others.

The psychic protection method that works best for me is quite all-purpose; it’s good for daily life and also for formal readings. I call it the “Fountain of Light” because that is the visualization of the energy we raise and use to cloak ourselves.

Often methods of psychic protection are called things like a ‘bubble’ or a ‘shield’. I don’t like either of those terms. A bubble is too flimsy, and a shield is too war-like. Honestly, the best analogy for this type of protection is a condom because it allows us to safely interact with others in a pleasurable way.

While we may use things like prayer, incense, essential oils, crystals and stones to enhance the protective energy around us, all true psychic protection comes from the energy we raise. Wearing a crystal or reciting a prayer may help, but it won’t do the job completely if we don’t do the energy work.

All energy work begins with conscious breathing, and that is how you want to begin your Fountain of Light meditation. Bring your attention, and your breath, to your root chakra. From there, send your energy into the earth to ground yourself.

Bring energy from the earth back into your root chakra. Then, move that energy up your spine until it gathers at your crown chakra. Open your crown and send the energy out of the crown in all directions like a fountain, falling around you and creating a moving layer of energy around you. Send that energy into the ground, and cycle it back up into the root chakra and once again up the spine and out of the crown. Keep the energy moving around you and through you throughout the day, and throughout your interactions with others. Give the energy a color that feels protective and comfortable.

Once you get comfortable with this quick meditative technique you will find that, throughout the day, you can check in with your energy field and feel the energy moving around you, grounding you, refreshing you, and protecting you.