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Holiday-Inspired Tarot Activities

The holidays offer so many opportunities for exploration with tarot and oracle cards. Often, we have a little time off from work. We are focused on concepts of spirituality. Time spent with family leads to questions about family dynamics. Holiday-induced stress may cause us to seek answers and inspiration. The new year ahead fills us with a desire to make predictions.

No matter the holidays you celebrate, you can easily let those holy days inspire your exploration. Here are three ways to do that.

Look for Holiday Themes within the Cards

How do specific cards reflect the themes, concepts and values of your holiday? For instance, can you see the High Priestess as the Virgin Mary, or the Empress as the new mother of Jesus? Can you see the Sun and the World telling the story of the Winter Solstice? What cards make you think of the Hanukah story, or the seven values of Kwanzaa?

Can you find cards that describe your own family’s holiday traditions, or even the family dysfunctions that become evident during the holidays?

Design Tarot Spreads Based on Holiday Themes

Create a spread based on a Christmas tree, or a menorah, or the winter solstice. Think about the words we use at holiday time and how they can become spread themes. For example, ‘gifts’ can speak of spiritual gifts or talents. ‘Presents’ can talk about our own ‘presence’.

Do a Daily Pull in Honor of a Holiday

Pull one card on each day of Hanukah, or one for each day of Kwanzaa, or the twelve days of Christmas. Keep track of each card and what it means to you. At the end, put them all together to see the story they tell and what wisdom they bring you.

Holidays are literally holy days. Adding divination to your holiday traditions will help you focus on the sacred nature of the season.