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In many social media tarot groups, we joke about our ‘tarot addiction’ as we cheerfully order decks and show off pictures of our new decks as they arrive to our homes.

I don’t love the term ‘tarot addiction’, for a couple of reasons. First, psychic addiction is a real thing, and something that we professional readers need work to identify and discourage in our clients. Second, actual addiction to drugs and alcohol is grievous and life-destroying. Tarot deck collecting is joyful and healing.

Yet, sometimes we feel a bit guilty about the time and money we spend on our collections. Sometimes well-meaning loved ones might try to discourage us. I would argue that tarot-deck collecting can be relatively inexpensive, fun, meaningful, and healing.

So, here are nine reasons to justify loving and growing your tarot collection. You’re welcome!

Building Collections is a Popular Hobby

No one bats an eye at people who collect figurines, concert tee shirts or beer steins. We collected trading cards, collectible card games, Barbies, Bionics and Littlest Pet Shop sets as children; collecting tarot is simply the adult version of what brought us such joy when we were young.

Tarot Supports Artists

So often we bemoan the lack of support artists receive in our society. When you buy a new tarot deck you are very often supporting a living, breathing artist who needs and appreciates that support.

Tarot Supports Small Business

Even the larger tarot publishing houses are typically family-owned small businesses. When you buy a tarot deck, you are usually supporting a small business, or an independent entrepreneur.

Tarot Decks are Inspiring

Each tarot deck is a set of seventy-eight unique works of art. Most of us have in our collection many more decks that we actual use in readings. This is a reason that our loved ones might discourage us from buying decks, or that we might scold ourselves for buying decks we ‘never use’. Yet, there are many ways to use a tarot deck. Even if we rarely read with a particular deck, looking at its images may inform or inspire us.

Tarot Decks Help Us Become Better Tarot Readers

Tarot readers tend to divide into three categories. There are those who read with one deck and one deck only. There are those who read with multiple decks and allow each deck to speak with its own voice. Then there is the category into which I fall, where we allow each deck we know to inspire our readings, regardless of the deck we happen to be working with at the time.

Whichever category you fall into, the more decks you see, the more you will understand tarot, and the better your readings will be.

There are Multiple Tarot Traditions

Tarot breaks into three primary traditions, and several sub-traditions. While we may prefer to read decks that honor a particular tradition, collecting decks that represent all the traditions of tarot can help us understand tarot history, and tarot as a whole.

There are Other Cartomancy Decks

Why stop at tarot? There are oracle decks, Lenormand decks and Kipper decks. For those of us who love cartomancy, art, and mysticism, there is no end to the inspiration we can find as we enjoy the images and discover their meanings.

We are Always in Search of the Quintessential Deck

While it is fair to say that most of the decks we collect will not become a favorite reading deck, once in a while a new acquisition will earn that rare position in our hearts. We are always in search of that special deck, just as we may have searched for the rare Pokémon card as kids. Are we disappointed when a new deck doesn’t grab us the way we had hoped? Sure, a little. But that is part of the fun of collection-building, isn’t it?

Tarot Decks are Tradable and Sellable

If we end up with a deck we really don’t care to have as part of our collection, we can easily trade or sell it. When we do that, we might make another tarot enthusiast very happy, and we might make a new friend!